GENIDAQS is a division of Cramer Fish Sciences®

GENIDAQS is a division of Cramer Fish Sciences

Simplified, innovative, and accurate solutions for the natural resources community

GENIDAQS: photo courtesy Andrew Maurer, Trout Stream Designs Harnessing advancements in molecular biology and genetics for the management of aquatic resources, GENIDAQS asks the right questions to apply current techniques and genetics theory to yield data compatible and complimentary to your existing programs.

The GENIDAQS Difference: Our focus is superior service through efficiency, competitive pricing, and personal assistance with sampling design and data interpretation. Meeting the needs of clients is our priority.

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8.19.2014 Genidaqs sponsoring eDNA symposium on August 19th, 2014. eDNA social will co-convene with AFS Genetic Section social.

8.18.2014 Genidaqs staff speaking at American Fishery Society National meeting (Quebec) on eDNA and genetic mark recapture.

2.28.2014 Genidaqs will be conducting a full day genetics monitoring workshop (for non-geneticists) on March 27th at CalNeva AFS. Sign up here.

11.15.2013 For water year 2013-14, GENIDAQS begins population analysis of Chinook salvaged at South Delta Pumping Facilities.

10.23.2013 GENIDAQS studies ESA-listed fish species preyed upon by stripped bass at Clifton Court Forebay via genetic analysis of stomach contents.

09.12.2013 Scott Blankenship of GENIDAQS presents in the USFWS sponsored eDNA symposium at the National AFS meeting.

09.09.2013 Gregg Schumer of GENIDAQS presents genetic analysis of stomach contents at the National AFS meeting.

08.20.2013 As part of exceptional HDR team, GENIDAQS will be working on innovative Seattle City Light conservation facility to recover cutthroat trout.

08.01.2013 GENIDAQS completes a third year of genetic analysis of salvaged Chinook from South Delta Water Export Facilities. See a recent report here.

07.17.2013 GENIDAQS co-authors first ever published application of genetic mark-recapture in Pacific Salmon. Look for it soon in TAFS!

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