GENIDAQS is a division of Cramer Fish Sciences®

GENIDAQS is a division of Cramer Fish Sciences

Featured Applications and Research Solutions

Molecular Diagnostics

Fish Monitoring

  • Egg and larvae identification
  • Predator stomach contents diagnosis
  • Entrained species detection

Invertebrate and Plankton Monitoring and Detection

  • Egg, larvae, pupae, and instar identification
  • Bio-indicator analysis
  • Unknown sample identification, relative composition

Invasive Species Detection and Monitoring

  • Rapid and unambiguous identification
  • Early detection of cryptic or rare species
  • eDNA

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Multi-Generational Molecular Tagging

Restoration Monitoring

  • Enhanced vs. unenhanced site relative reproductive success
  • Quantified, spatially explicit recruitment
  • Verification of recruitment goals

Hatchery Interactions

  • Fish source identification
  • In-river hatchery vs. natural composition
  • Hatchery to natural gene flow

Population Metrics

  • Adult abundance (census)
  • Offspring per individual
  • Successful breeders, effective size
  • Viable salmonid population criteria
  • Colonization and movement

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Expert Advising

  • Monitoring plan design
  • Interpretation of genetic information
  • Population analysis
  • Conservation hatchery best practices and evaluations
  • Evaluation and validation of take